Add an Additional Level to Your Home

UPWARDS and Onwards

Building another level will maximise space and increase the value of your home

Stark Builders has years of house raising and building underneath experience. We know Brisbane homes like the back of our hand. We understand the value that creating additional living spaces can provide to your property.

Our team can raise in order to create extra living areas, bedrooms, rumpus rooms and more. And if you know that living higher will provide a better view of the skyline, street, a park or river that you have been longing, then a house raise and build underneath project could be the ideal building project to undertake.


FRom Start to Finish

We guide you through the entire process of raising and building under your house.

Lifting your home and building in under can be a rewarding renovation to consider. It can be a perplexing thought to how an entire house can be lifted high enough to build an entire home underneath, luckily Stark Builders are experts in planning, design, development, and construction of raising homes and building under. We take care of you throughout the entire project.

Expert house raisers

We have years of experience raising and building homes around Brisbane